Clínica internacional de Olhão
Clínica internacional de Olhão

Appointments without schedulling

Clínica Internacional de Olhão has Appointments without schedulling operating all days of the week.

The clinical staff in the Emergency Department consists of a multidisciplinary team of general practitioners, nurses and specialised technicians, capable of providing an immediate response as far as Imaging (X-rays) and Clinical Analysis are concerned. The presence of a doctor is supported by specialists from different areas, ready to intervene whenever necessary.

In partnership with the Radis, Clínica Internacional de Olhão offers immediate responsiveness with regard to service Imaging (RX) with technical expertise in the area. 

The Emergency Department of Clínica Internacional de Olhão, through a variety of differentiated clinical services and advanced technological equipment, promptly responds to all unplanned situations related to general practice, offering a high-quality service to our users.


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